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Seed Smith

Seed Smith

Integrate technology and eliminate complexity



Make seeding easier by connecting your auto-steer system and seeding equipment seamlessly with Seed Smith. No hassle, just simplicity. Run your Morris ICT smoothly through Greenstar and say goodbye to complexity.


Variable Rate made simple

Tired of struggling to move prescription maps from John Deere to your Topcon display? Say goodbye to thumb drives with Seed Smith. Now, easily use JD Link's wireless transfer for smooth variable rate map handling.


Train operators with ease

Avoid the complexity of training operators (and yourself) on separate systems and reduce the risk of costly mistakes. Opting for a single brand solution not only saves time but also elevates overall functionality.


Record keeping

Seed Smith simplifies your seeding data management. All your information is automatically saved and sent to your office via JD Link. No more digging through confusing Topcon files to find what you need—whether it's the applied fertilizer rate for canola in Back Paddock 2024 or any other detail, it's easily accessible and well-organized.

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Simplify Your Tractor Cab this Seeding with Ironstone Ag's Integration Kit

Tired of juggling multiple screens in your tractor cab at seeding? We get it. Autosteer, cameras, seeders, and blockage monitors—all with their own screens and wires—it's a headache. John Deere has been making life easier with their integrated displays and universal rate controllers, but Morris ICT air carts weren’t invited to the party—until now. Introducing Ironstone Ag's Seed Smith, bringing together the best features of John Deere and Morris. Here's why it's a game-changer: 1.No More Learning Curve: Say goodbye to the yearly struggle of mastering a new screen or teaching newbies. Stick to what you know. 2.Easy Map Loading: Forget about USB drives; JD Link makes loading prescription maps a walk in the park. Simple and hassle-free. 3.Clearer View: Ditch one big screen cluttering your cab. Enjoy a better view and a more straightforward setup. Make seeding simpler. Consolidate to one brand with Ironstone Ag's integration kit. It's about efficiency, ease, and a better view—all in one package.

Our background

We're a small company with big ambitions. Founder Alec Wiles ran Marwonga PFS for four years, specializing in on-farm repair services for various agricultural electronics. During this time, he identified a gap in the industry for making Morris ICTs compatible with Greenstar. Starting with off-the-shelf circuit boards, electronic parts, and plenty of cables, we tested the concept on two machines over two seasons. That's how Seed Smith was born, and in 2023 Marwonga PFS morphed into Ironstone Ag to take it to a commercial level. Today we're proud to offer Australian farmers a proven and reliable professional product.

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