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Farmer-installed on any make, age or model of combine harvester

FarmTRX concept began in 2016 when a farmer in Canada wanted yield mapping on his older combines. From there it has grown to become the best and most affordable aftermarket option for farmers to upgrade and modernize their machinery. Since 2020 FarmTRX has been sold in Australia by us under Marwonga Precision Farming Services.

FarmTRX is designed to work with any harvester. It calculates yield by detecting the volume of grain moving up the clean grain elevator and combining it with data from its own GPS signal. The result is an accurate live read out and the generation of detailed maps in the background

claas lexion farmtrx yield monitor
yield monitor kit farmtrx

The system is completely standalone, only requiring a 12 volt power source. No matter what age or make of your harvester or what guidance system you use, FarmTRX is designed to work with your machine.

Your data is saved to the FarmTRX module in the cab. You can connect your smartphone or tablet via bluetooth to see a live read out. Yield data is uploaded via your device's internet connection when you choose. Even with no device connected, you just go harvesting and let FarmTRX do the rest.

canola harvest claas lexion yield mapping farmtrx


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